Microsoft Teams updates its features

In its official blog, we can see several updates of Microsoft Teams. There are some examples.

A new feature is Reporter and Side-by-Side options in Presenter Mode for desktop and window sharing. Previously, Teams added new feature, “”Standout option”. Now, it adds another option. When we use desktop and window in the Teams desktop app, we can also use two new presenter modes.

On one hand, reporter mode places content as a visual aid above our shoulder like a news story. On the other hand, Side-by-side mode displays your video feed next to your content. We can choose each option to make our presentation better while adapting every situation. The other new feature is to record and live transcript simultaneously. For example, when we turn on recording in Teams, it can start live transcription automatically for you. Of course, after the meetings, we can access the recording and transcription through the Recordings & Transcripts tab of the meeting details.

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