T-ASK is the business intelligence media, presented by ULTIMATE CRAFT (UC). We focus on Three Tremendous Trends (TTT). In other words, three megatrends.

We define Three Tremendous Trends as Sustainability, Digitalization and Innovation. Our Task (T-ASK) is to analyze Three Tremendous Trends through our digital media.

Our Mission

Transform the Industries

Transformation is one of buzzwords in 2020s. However, one important question is how to transform industries? It is really difficult to transform companies, even ourselves. Thus, to transform the industry seems impossible. Even though it seems impossible, several industries have been transformed drastically. The automotive industry is a good example.

When we think of transformation of the industries, what actors have an impact on it? Probably, governments, companies, universities, even individuals affect the industries.

T-ASK tries to give everyone in the world insights about several industries including telecommunication, automotive, healthcare and etc. As a result, we want to help them understand which direction each industry will go. Once an individual knows the direction, we guess her or his actions will be changing. Even though each action is tiny, we believe that our future becomes different. In other words, everyone’s action will have an impact on the industries, or transform the industries.

Our Vision

Beyond Your Expectations

Insights that T-ASK offers try to be beyond your expectations. Of course, it is really difficult to realize. However, when you feel our media is quite interesting, you will want to read more. As a result, you will gain more insights about the industries, and your actions will be better.

This is what we want to achieve.

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