Zero Emission Car

Toyota finally decided to sell only zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) in Europe by 2035. In fact, Toyota will roll out an increasing number of practical and affordable zero emissions vehicles in the next years. For example, the bZ4X, which is the latest zero emission battery electric vehicles (BEVs), will available in the middle of 2022.

Furthermore, the ZEV sales mix is planning to be a minimum of 50% in Western Europe by 2030. The company expects that customer demand goes higher, and increases its capacity and capability. Matt Harrison, President & CEO of Toyota Motor Europe, told in the following.

The Japanese automotive giant believes that there is further ZEV demand acceleration beyond 2030. Thus, Toyota will be ready to achieve 100% CO2 reduction in all new vehicles by 2035 in Western Europe. Of course, they assume that sufficient electric charging and hydrogen refueling infrastructures are in place by then. What’s more, the company thinks the fact that the renewable energy capacity is increasing would be a prerequisite for this goal.

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