Mojo Vision and Menicon enter into a joint development agreement

According to Menicon’s press release, Mojo Vision and Menicon accelerates their co-creation of smart contact lens. Mojo Vision is developing Mojo Lens that are the first true smart contact lens. What’s more, the lens make use of augmented reality (AR). Thus, Mojo Lens overlays images, symbols and texts on users’ natural field of vision without obstructing their view and mobility.

Through the agreement, Mojo and Menicon will complement each other based on the expertise of each company. It means Menicon’s experience in gas permeable lens R&D, and Mojo’s smart contact lens microelectronics, systems integration and products innovation.

Who is Mojo Vision?

Mojo Vision is the American invisible computing company and dedicated to developing products and platforms. Technology experts established Mojo and the founding team had lots of experience to develop pioneering products and platforms.

According to Mojo Vision’s homepage, its mission is dedicated to helping individuals reach their highest potential in work, play, and life. At the same time, they can will be connecting to people and events in the real world.

Who is Menicon?

According to Menicon’s homepage, Menicon Co., Ltd. is Japan’s first and largest contact lens manufacturer. It was founded in 1951, and the company offers its products over 80 countries, now.

Menicon’s goal is to deliver safe contact lenses worldwide, and put the highest priority on the eye health of customers. The Japanese company is the only manufacturer in the world to dedicate to all areas of contact lenses-related business. For example, it includes material development, lens designing and manufacturing of contact lenses and care solutions.

What is Mojo Lens?

Mojo Lens are the first true smart contact lens. They have a built-in display that gives people the useful and timely information they want. In addition, people do not need to look down at a screen or lose focus on something around them.

Mojo calls this eyes-up experience Invisible Computing. It is a platform that enables information to be instantaneous and available hands-free. As a result, people will be able to interact with each other more freely and genuinely.

More people will enjoy AR technology?

As we see the other article about AR technology, it has huge potential to improve our life. We can make use of the new technology in various fields including education, manufacturing and healthcare. Therefore, the issue here is how to make it more available, affordable and feasible across the globe.

In fact, one of its disadvantages is the device. When we want to enjoy AR technology, we need some devices such as smartphone, heads up displays and holographics displays. However, if we can use smart AR contact lens, we can enjoy our natural field of vision without obstructing our view and mobility. In this sense, smart AR contact lens might be a game changer in a series of industries.

Of course, it is a stage of research and development, but we know strengths of both Mojo Vision and Menicon. Thus, they may make Smart AR contact lens happen.