Foxconn might produce electric vehicles in Wisconsin, US

Several media including The Guardian reported that iPhone manufacturer, Foxconn, might produce EVs in Wisconsin, the US.

The head of Foxconn has said it could start making electric vehicles at a previously abandoned Wisconsin project. In Taipei, Foxconn’s chairman, Young Liu, said “The company would complete plans by July in order to start production by the end of 2023. It depends on whether the company decides that electric vehicles (EV) are the way to go in Wisconsin.”

In 2017, Foxconn originally planned that the Wisconsin factory campus would make LCD screens. However, there was mired in controversy after hundreds of residents were forced to move. As a result, Foxconn reevaluated its ability to produce screens at the site. It seems that the 13,000 jobs and $10bn in local investment by 2023 are pending now.

Young Liu mentioned, “We recently found there is a good product to have made in the US. That is EV.” Furthermore, “EV is big, it’s not easy to ship. Also we studied the area in Wisconsin. It’s close to the area they use to make cars. So the infrastructure is there.”

Who is Foxconn?

Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) was established in Taiwan in 1974. The company is the world’s largest electronics manufacturer. Foxconn is also the leading technological solution provider. In addition, it continuously leverages its expertise in software and hardware to integrate its unique manufacturing systems with emerging technologies.

Foxconn capitalize on its expertise in Cloud Computing, Mobile Devices, IoT, Big Data, AI, Smart Networks, and Robotics / Automation. The Group has expanded its capabilities into the development of electric vehicles, digital health and robotics, and three key technologies. They are AI, semiconductors and new-generation communications technology.

In fact, three key technologies drive the four core product segments: Consumer Products, Enterprise Products, Computing Products and Components and Others. Foxconn has established R&D and manufacturing centers in other markets around the world. It includes China, India, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Czech Republic, U.S. and more. With a focus on research and development, the company owns more than 83,500 patents.

Other Initiatives

Our media has already reported Foxconn’s several initiatives related to electric vehicles.

First, Foxconn showed its intention to be Android in the EV market in 2020.

Second, Foxconn and Byton, a Chinese EV startup, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Based on the agreement, Foxconn will help Byton produce its first model M-Byte massively.

Third, Foxconn and Geely, a Chinese automotive manufacturer, created a joint venture relating to EVs. They will provide car production, consulting, intelligent driving systems and other services to global automotive enterprises

How seriously Foxconn consider EVs in the US?

As of March 21st, the reports say that it is still possibility for Foxconn to produce EVs in the US. However, the reason why the Taiwanese company consider its EV production in the US makes sense. Of course, China is the largest market for both electric vehicles and automotive. On the other hand, there are several American EV startups raising more than 100 million USD. They are Rivian, Nikola Motors, Lucid Motors, Sila Nanotechnologies, Proterra, ChargePoint, QuantumScape, Canoo, and Karma Automotive.

Two US automotive giants, General Motors and Ford, accelerate electrification, too. Therefore, the US will be more important EV market sooner or later. In addition, Biden administration rejoined the Paris Accord, so the US considers climate change a big issue for the country. As a result, we expect more policies to increase charging stations and more incentives to help consumers buy EVs.

The decision is not clear now. However, it does make sense that Foxconn establish EV plants in the US if the company wants to be Android of Electric Vehicles.