MWC is back in 2022

In November, 2021, GSMA announced the details of MWC Barcelona 2022 and the registration started. The GSMA is a global organization unifying the mobile ecosystem to discover, develop and deliver innovation foundational to positive business environments and societal change. Our media has already reported about MWC Barcelona 2021. Also, the event did not meet the expectation in term of the number of attendees.

In fact, MWC Barcelona 2021 had only 20K total visitors. This number was much smaller than the estimation before the event, which was 50K visitors. Even this expectation (50K) had been small compared to the number in 2019, which was more than 100K visitors. In addition to this, MWC Barcelona 2021 had only 5K visitors outside Spain.

However, vaccination roll out in Spain is successful compared to other countries. As of November 15th, 2021, almost 80% of population in Spain are fully vaccinated. As a result, the country can open its borders. For example, the non-essential travel between the US and Spain was also restored since November 8th. In 2019, the tourist industry accounted for about 12% of total GDP in Spain. Thus, we can easily understand how it is important in the country.

Therefore, it seems very natural that local government wants to attract more people through big events including MWC Barcelona 2022. To be honest, we can expect that much more people will be able to attend the event in 2022.

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