Price Increase

Several media reported that Apple would increase its products in Japan. Of course, the range of the increase varies from products to products. However, the price of iPhone Pro Max (1TB) would increase by more than 40K yen (280 EUR as of July 1st, 2022). Therefore, we can easily say that this decision will have a huge impact on Japanese consumers. In fact, some of them tried to buy new products before price increase.

iPhone is very popular among Japanese consumers. Its market share in the smartphone market was about half in 2020. This was because Japanese customers could buy only iPhone as a smartphone when smartphones were available in the country. After that, iPhone became symbol of smartphones in Japan.

In this sense, price increase of iPhone will have more impact on Japanese consumers than initial thoughts. In other words, the price of other products may increase like iPhones. Inflation has already happened in the country, but its rate is still relatively lower than other countries.

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