Our research correspondent has attended MWC Barcelona both in 2022 and 2023. One of the companies made him impressive is HONOR. Our media is continuing to report several articles in relation to HONOR. For example, HONOR was reviving in 2021. In 2022, HONOR became top sales of smartphones in China the Q2.

Formerly, Huawei owned HONOR and its youth model of Huawei’s smartphones. In 2018, the number of shipments of Huawei’s smartphones surpassed 200 million. This number was increased by 30% more than 2017. Therefore, the Chinese company had a momentum to be the top smartphone maker in the world. However, the trade war between China and the US totally changed the situation. Due to the sanctions, Huawei could not use Android, which is the most used operating system of smartphones in the world.

Also, the company was struggling and made a decision to sell HONOR. At the time, we guessed that HONOR would face the difficult situation as well. This was because Huawei has huge money, brand, power and others, so its impact could be huge. However, HONOR has been succeeded beyond our expectations. Furthermore, the company has increased its presence. We could feel the same way in MWC Barcelona 2023.

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