Our research correspondent has attended MWC Barcelona both in 2022 and 2023. One of the companies made him impressive is HONOR. We have already reported its smartphones in MWC Barcelona 2023. He wants to add another finding about HONOR. It is HONOR’s devices, which are laptops, tablets and smart watches.

When he attended in MWC Barcelona 2023 and went to HONOR’s booth, there were so many visitors. Of course, this enthusiasm made him surprised. However, he was also amazed the fact that there were several devices other than smartphones. He might have bias against the Chinese company, and guessed that the company mainly sells smartphones. This guess may be true because we have reported about its smartphones several times. As a result, our perception was narrowed down.

In this sense, this is another value to attend trade shows. We can meet unexpected findings and they can broaden our horizon.

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