IFA 2022

Our research representative attended in IFA 2022. IFA is the world’s leading trade fair for consumer and home electronics. It is the most important regional market for all the important dealers, buyers, and experts from industry and media meet. Only the IFA offers such a comprehensive market overview on an international level and fascinates trade visitors from different countries every year.

When our research representative attended the event, he felt the importance to understand local life in each region. For example, if wine is the most popular beverage in a region, wine cellars can be sold well. On the other hand, if people in the other area do not drink wine a lot, the sales of wine cellars will be smaller. Another example is that dishwashers will be sold, if local people have a habit of using them.

Therefore, if you are working a company that has B2C model, it is crucial to understand local people. In other words, you should try to gain insights about them. For example, they are lifestyle, habit, custom, tradition, preference, history, climate, infrastructure, food, education, healthcare system and others.

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