Leading energy source

According to the Spanish leading newspaper, El Pais, wind power becomes Spain’s leading energy source in 2021. In fact, the number has realized a huge jump recent years. More specifically, renewable sources already cover almost half of the country’s consumption needs. They have contributed to almost 47% of the total energy mix, even though they were less than 30% a decade ago

According to the data, wind power would end the year as the leading source of electricity in Spain. It means that wind power overtook nuclear in the national energy matrix for the first time since 2013. In fact, wind power has continued to grow as a percentage of total energy generated both in absolute and relative terms. What’s more, this trend will continue in the near future. In fact, the installed capacity of wind turbines will almost double between now and 2030.

During the same period, the rate of growth of solar photovoltaic will be even greater as installed capacity more than quadruples. As a result, it will be the second most important electricity source, though it will still lag far behind wind power.

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