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We found the interesting trend relating to our new ways of working. It is that most of Generation Z employees want to return to the office. In fact, 40% of college students and recent graduates prefer fully in-person work. This result is a little bit shocking because of the other research. It showed that only 12% of all office workers want to go back to the office full time.

However, this result does make sense at the same time. This is because young people are feeling more and more disconnected from work and school since the start of the pandemic. Flexible work arrangements introduce several benefits. For example, employees can enjoy better work-life balance to improved retention. On the other hand, flexible work environment limits opportunities for team building, networking, and professional development, which are all vital to career growth.

Hybrid work has also been linked to increased productivity, but not all young or inexperienced workers agree. In a PwC survey, 34% of respondents with less than five years of work experience said they feel less productive while working remotely. This number is bigger, compared to 23% of all survey respondents.

This data is alarming especially as more organizations adopt hybrid work policies. This is because Gen Z workers are the future of the workforce. Without adequate support, organizations have a risk to lose their young employees to competitors. Clearly, it is time for business leaders to step up and help young employees feel more included and engaged.

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