New era with COVID

It has been more than 2 years after World Health Organization declared COVID-19 was the pandemic. Many people in the world have experienced different life from pre-pandemic. For example, our research correspondent is living in Spain and she spent tough time especially in the first wave. When it comes to the first wave, Spain was one of the worst hit countries in the world. In fact, cadavers were left in the ice skate link in Madrid.

What’s more, she could not go out other than validated reasons like shopping for essential goods. As a result, she went out only twice or three times in a week. She walked for only 2 minutes to go to a grocery store. Do we like this kind of life? Of course, the answer should be “No”. After the first wave, we are still experiencing both good and bad times against COVID-19.

However, some countries try to find the way to restore our normal life as well as avoid next deadly wave. For example, all restrictions are end in England in February 2022. It is a huge decision for us. This is because there are still many restrictions all over the world such as quarantine, self-isolation and wearing mask. Therefore, it is a quite interesting if the decision from the UK government works. Also, the decision means that we will live in a new era with COVID-19.

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