Importance of human capital

After the pandemic, many companies and people have understood the importance of human capital. Of course, the importance of human capital is not a new idea. Recruit Holdings is a Japanese advertisement company, and owns the job search engine Indeed and the employer review site Glassdoor. One of its values is “BET ON PASSION”.

The company thinks that employees are a team of people fueled by curiosity. Thus, it respects and capitalizes on each other’s differences. It means that one person’s crazy idea, when backed by data & research, can become the best bet.

Every company and organization may experience both good and bad times. Recruit Holdings is without exception. For example, the Japanese company had experienced what is called “The Recruit Scandal”. The company has lost its trust and was forced to be put in a difficult situation by the scandal. However, the company has tried to maximize both every employee’s and organization’s potential. As a result, it went public in 2014 and has been one of the biggest Japanese companies in terms of market capitalization.

Therefore, the importance of human capital is not a new idea, but almost every company cannot ignore it now. In fact, our media has already discussed it. Today, we can see another example in Japan.

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