Safe and healthy

After 2020, my research correspondent talked to her clients, and told that it became difficult to use some greetings. One of them was “hope you are doing well”. This is because the pandemic had totally changed our life. Thus, even though we were ACTUALLY doing well and it was greeting, it became more difficult to ask others. Instead, she mentioned that she were using another greeting like “hope you stay safe and healthy.”

In fact, the pandemic really made us fear our health and safety. For example, in the spring of 2020, there was no vaccine and few clues to combat the virus. As a result, so many people in the world had passed away. In addition, to prevent the spread of the virus, even their families could not see them who had been passed away. Can you say this kind of situation was safe for us? The answer should be “No”.

What’s more, many countries across the globe had imposed or still impose strict restrictions on us. As a result, lots of people experienced mental disorders, even though they were not infected by the virus. In addition, there are so many people all over the world stay different countries that are not their home country. It means that they cannot see their family each other for more than a year. Can you say this kind of situation is healthy for both our mental and body? The answer should be “No”.

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