Co-working sector in Spain

Coworking is a business services provision model that involves individuals working independently or collaboratively in shared office space. The typical user of a coworking facility is self-employed, a telecommuter, or a freelance worker.

In Spain, the coworking sector registered a growth of 39% in 2021. As a result, it reached 131 million in turnover. 83 million is correspond to the existing permanent positions in the centers and another 49 is to flexible positions. The report ‘State of Coworking in Spain 2021-2022’ reflected this result.

Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Valencia are the three provinces with the most shared workspaces for professionals. Thus, while Barcelona and Madrid have 447 and 349, respectively, Valencia has 81 coworking spaces. This number is followed by Malaga (61), Seville (53), Alicante (45), the Balearic Islands (38) and A Coruña (38). In the case of cities, the greatest coworking activity is centered on Barcelona, ​​with 329 spaces, followed by Madrid (with 282).

Changes in habits in the labor market, such as the expansion of teleworking, have sparked interest in this trend. Therefore, demand has grown. “It is also due to the need for companies that do not acquire assets and simply hire a service,” by the industry expert.

“Many companies, especially startups, go from having 20 employees to 50 in less than two months. These types of companies need flexible solutions adapted to their number of employees at any given moment. They cannot acquire an office for 50, if today there are 20. However, in a year they may have 100 employees.” The expert adds.

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