Delsol and CIB Group

According to El Pais, reported that two tech companies are truly offering a shorter work week without any salary cuts. In 2020 Software DELSOL became Spain’s first business to adopt a 36-hour week without reducing workers’ pay. It was followed in September of 2021 by a German software manufacturer called CIB Group. The company has branches in Valencia and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

When it comes to four-day work policy, it does not new and special. For example, two Japanese companies, which are Shionogi and Panasonic, offers four-day work policy from 2022. However, in Shionogi, salaries of employees who work four-day in a week will be 80% of five-day work. Thus, it means that employees have to think either four-day work with salary reduction or five-day work is better. This would be a big decision for each employee.

As for five-day work, employees will be busier than those who take four-day work policy. However, they can receive full salary, which is necessary for children’s educational expenses, payment for loan and daily living. On the contrary, employees who take four-day work policy will have more time with their family. In addition, they can study for the future and do side-jobs.

In this sense, there is no true or wrong answer relating to four-day work policy. In fact, we concluded that it is the stage of development in the report of Shionogi above. Thus, four-day work policy with full salary will be able to give new insights about it to us.

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