Our research representative attended North American International Auto Show 2022, which was held in Detroit, Michigan. He also attended New York International Auto Show 2023, which was held in New York City. Even though both events were held in the same country, the US, there are several differences among them. One of them is an exhibition of Urban Air Mobility.

When our research representative entered Huntington Place in North American International Auto Show 2022, he witnessed the exhibition of Air Mobility. This experience made him the show more impressive. This is because we think that Auto Shows are trying to expand or change its concept. The concept will be from automotive to mobility.

Formerly, visitors wanted to see new vehicles in auto shows. However, the automotive industry has faced a drastic change in a century. Electrification of the industry is accelerating so that software becomes more important in automotive. Therefore, automotive companies are also trying to convey this new concept through Auto Shows.

There was no exhibition of Air Mobility in Auto Shows in the past. However, it became one of the most impressive exhibited products in North American International Auto Show.

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