New investment

In the beginning of March 2023, there was a big new related to Tesla. Tesla will build a new factory in Mexico. The company has expanded its capacity to manufacture Electric Vehicles (EVs). It built the first factory to produce EVs in Fremont California. After that, it built new factories in Shanghai, Texas and Berlin. Now, the US company will establish a new factory in Mexico, which is about a three-hour drive from Texas.

US President Joe Biden has emphasized made-in-America rules for cars. They provide exceptions for Canada and Mexico because American companies look outside the country to reduce costs.

Therefore, this decision can be a good option for both Tesla and Mexico. Tesla can increase its capacity to manufacture EVs while reducing costs. A factory that produces vehicles can create more than thousand jobs. Thus, it is good for Mexico, and its President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was delighted to the decision.

What’s more, we can see two important points from this decision.

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