Record high production and delivery

According to its official press release, Tesla produced approximately 238,000 vehicles and delivered more than 240,000 vehicles in the Q3. Both numbers are record high in the company. The US company stated that the numbers are conservative and final numbers could vary by up to 0.5% or more.

Tesla produced about 9,000 Model S/X and around 230,000 Model 3/Y in the period. In addition, it delivered more than 9,000 Model S/X and around 230,000 Model 3/Y at the same time. The American technology giant gradually increased its production and delivery in 2021. In fact, it has achieved more than 200K production and delivery in the second quarter of 2021.

The numbers in the Q3 are more than estimations from several analysts. Therefore, we can say that Tesla becomes the company can manufacture electric vehicles (EVs) massively. In fact, it is expanding its production facility outside the US. It has a gigafactory in Shanghai and Berlin, respectively. China and Europe are the most important and largest EV market, so a gigafacory in each location really makes sense.

Challenge in 2021

Chip shortage really affects various industries including the automotive industry as well as the electronics industry in 2021. After the pandemic, a lot of people all over world must work or learn from their home. As a result, demand of laptops and tables soared up. These products also need semiconductors.

Of course, supply chain of each product is very complicated and vehicle has more than 30,000 components. Thus, chip shortage is not only reason why automotive manufacturers or other manufacturing companies are forced to reduce their production. For example, many factories in Southeast Asian countries were shut down due to the spread of the virus.

Toyota is very famous for its well planning production and delivery or its philosophy, “Just in time”, in other words. However, even Toyota decreased its production in September 2021. In this sense, Tesla’s achievement in the Q3 of 2021 is really impressive.

Customer satisfaction

Of course, the number of production between Toyota and Tesla is totally different. Toyota would produce about 10 million vehicles in a year. On the other hand, Tesla manufactures less than 1 million cars in a year. Therefore, we can say that Tesla could be affected by the external environment less than Toyota does. However, delivery time is very important to improve customer satisfaction at the same time.

For instance, the delivery of the latest iPhone, iPhone 13, will be delayed more than 5 weeks in Japan. As a result, some of them would stop the purchase and buy the other smartphone. It is also true for purchasing a vehicle.

Many analysts and company executives refer that chip shortage may continue in the next year. Thus, Tesla should keep its production and delivery to meet customers’ demand. To realize this, careful planning and expansion of its capacity are also crucial. How many numbers will the US company produce and deliver in the fourth quarter of 2021?