Valeo takes further step to realize carbon neutrality

According to Valeo’s sustainability page, the company explains its sustainability targets and how it achieves the ambitious goals.

By 2030, Valeo’s will have decreased emissions by 45% (compared to 2019) across its entire value chain. It includes the emissions from its suppliers, its own operating activities and the end use of its products.

By 2050, Valeo will have achieved carbon neutrality for all of its own operating activities. It will be across its entire supply chain worldwide, and 100% carbon neutral (including end use of products) in Europe.

In addition to these ambitious goals, Valeo is also a signatory of the “Business Ambition for 1.5°C” campaign. It brings companies committed to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 using the strict framework of the Science Based Targets initiative.

According to Valeo Carbon Neutral Strategy Disclosure, the notable initiative is “sustainability criteria are part of the variable compensation of more than 1,500 top managers from 2021”.

Who is Valeo?

Based on its homepage, Valeo is a French multinational automotive supplier and its head office is located in Paris. The French automotive supplier designs innovative solutions for smart mobility and especially focuses on intuitive driving and reducing CO2 emissions. The Group also provides and distributes spare parts for various automakers in the world and independent aftermarket operators.

According to its purpose statement page, Valeo’s ambition is to play a major role in tomorrow’s mobility. The Group considers today’s environmental and social issues, and thinks that future mobility must be greener, safer and more diverse. It must also contribute to the well-being and safety of citizens and consumers as well.

The French mega supplier believes that the company can achieve its ambition thanks to its unique positioning and technological leadership. They cover with the areas that are the transformation of the automotive industry and sustainable mobility, across the globe. Valeo’s expertise, innovations and operational excellence lead to what the company is today and its leadership. Corporate values and business culture are also important. The French company orients towards serving customers, employees, shareholders and the regions in which they operate.

More company will evaluate its top managers as sustainability

In the other article about climate change, many countries, regions and companies try to achieve carbon neutrality within decades. In fact, more and more people are getting to notice that our life is not sustainable if we do not take appropriate actions proactively and lastingly. Of course, climate change is one of the biggest issues across the globe. There are many other crucial problems around us including inequality and our health.

However, human beings face the critical moment of climate change now. For example, natural disasters occurred in recent years and there were a lot of victims. Our life is important, but the environment for future generations is precious, too.

On the other hand, how will we make our society sustainable? This is one of the most difficult questions now. Of course, there is no best answers around us. However, Valeo’s initiative, which means that sustainability criteria are part of variable compensations of top managers, looks good. This is because if top managers take actions to realize both social and economic values, the company will be able to realize both values as a whole.

Especially public companies does not seek for only social values. They should be non-profit organizations if they want to do so. In this sense, strong incentive for top managers to realize both values does make sense. We look forward to see how it actually works.

Valeo – Adobe Stock