We could feel one of Sony’s Values: Pioneer the future with dreams and curiosity

One of the Japanese technology giants, Sony Corporation, has announced “VISION S”, which is the electric vehicle prototype, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, held January 2020. “VISION S” is equipped with 33 of cameras and sensors and many visitors enjoyed seeing it. Sony Corporation has developed CMOS image sensors from 1996, so it means that the company has long history and strengths to manufacture them. Of course, it is THE prototype, so there are still lots of rumors about this product. However, Sony’s new idea is tempting because the company’s history verifies to create new technology and to make always people fun.

The idea of “VISION S” looks good product-market fit. This is because the more autonomous and electric vehicles are evolved, the more automobiles will be new living spaces. If the inside of cars becomes our living spaces, what will be important in the next? That should be our experiences, like music, video game, TV and so on. These things are really related to Sony’s core businesses. The Japanese tech giant makes use of its technology not only to improve customer experiences but also to be able to manufacture many parts of them, thanks to its capabilities to develop CMOS sensors and cameras. This is just a start of new technology of the company, but we look forward to the next news!

Who is Sony?

Masaru Ibuka and Akiko Morita founded Sony Corporation in 1946 just after the end of World War II. The company has created many new products such as transistor radio, the Walkman (portable music player), PlayStation and etc. Therefore, the company has lots of knowledge about entertainment and audio industries.

What is an Image Sensor?

According to ElProCus, an image sensor is used to detect & transmit information for making an image. These sensors are used in both analog & digital type electronic imaging devices like digital cameras, imaging tools used in medical, camera modules, night vision tools like radar, thermal imaging devices, sonar, etc. The analog sensors which are used in the past are video camera tubes. At present, semiconductor CCDs (charge-coupled devices) is used otherwise active pixel sensors within CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) technologies. Analog sensors are vacuum tubes whereas digital sensors are flat-panel detectors.

In a CMOS image sensor, it includes a CMOS transistor switch & a photodiode for every pixel, permitting the pixel signals to be improved separately. By operating these switches, the signals can be allowed straight and in sequence with high-speed compare with a CCD sensor. Including an amplifier for every pixel can also provide another benefit: it decreases the noise that arises as understanding the electrical signals which are changed from captured light.