Japanese automotive companies

Honda, which is multinational conglomerate manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment, makes a big decision about its capability. The Japanese company is hiring about 5 thousand software engineers (not to limited) as of May 2023. The company wants to double its number until 2030. It means that Honda tries to hire about 10 thousand software engineers until 2030. Honda is working with KPIT Technologies. It is an Indian multinational corporation which provides embedded software and product engineering services to automotive companies.

Toyota, which is the largest Japanese company in terms of sales revenue and the market capitalization. The Japanese automotive giant has already made a big decision. It has asked 9,000 of its employees to relearn about software. As a result, the Japanese company expect that these employees will change their function in a company and work as a software engineer.

Why did Japanese automotive companies make this kind of decision?

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