First brand of EV

According to its official homepage (in Spanish), QEV Technologies will produce ZEROID, which is the first brand of electric vehicles. It means that the Spanish company is making use of the old Nissan plants in Barcelona. Also, QEV Technologies will invest 200 million EUR and the D-Hub 800 million EUR in the reindustrialization of them. D-Hub is a new Barcelona Decarbonization Hub.

The launch of ZEROID will generate 1,000 direct jobs in three years, which ensure the hiring of former Nissan workers. In addition, the new product will produce 6,000 indirect jobs there. Production of the new brand will start in 2023 and it plans to manufacture 60,000 vehicles per year. QEV Technologies will lead the reindustrialization of the Nissan plants in Barcelona with a leading and comprehensive project. Thus, the project aims to help Spain as a benchmark in sustainable mobility.

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