Big news

There is a big news for former Nissan’s workers in its Barcelona plants in March 2023. Nissan made a big decision to close its plants in Barcelona in May 2020. This decision was huge for local people. This was because factories created more than thousand jobs. Several sources reported that Nissan’s three Barcelona plants employed around 3,000 people directly and 20,000 indirectly. In addition, Spain is one of worst countries in Europe in terms of its unemployment rate.

That is why Nissan’s decision was not good for Spaniards, and some of them protested the decision. After that, some companies showed their interest to take over these plants. However, they showed interest and media reported it, but they withdrew it in the end. Great Wall Motor, which is a Chinese automotive giant, is one of them. Finally, QEV Technologies takes over them and announced its latest decision in March 2023.

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