New target

Nissan announced its new target that 98% of new sales in Europe will be electric vehicles by March, 2026. Formerly, the Japanese automotive giant shared its target as 75% by the same timeline. Therefore, this change implies that Nissan’s almost every new vehicle in Europe will be an EV in the near future.

The Japanese company also renewed its target of electrification in each region. 58% of new sales in Japan will be electric vehicles by March, 2026. Formerly, Nissan shared its target as 55% by the same timeline. Thus, it means that Nissan slightly increase the ratio of electrification in its home country, Japan.

Nissan did not change its target in the US and the 40% of news sales will be EVs by 2026. The important point of the sales in the US is how to adapt the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA). The Japanese company must increase the ratio of components that are made in the US. Also, it should not use materials and products that the US government concern.

When it comes to the Chinese automotive market, the company reduced its target from 40% to 35%. This is because its local automotive makers are strong, and foreign automotive manufacturers are struggling to sell their EVs there.

Thus, electrification is the direction of Nissan and Europe is the most important market in terms of the target. Next question is how to realize it.

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