New York International Auto Show

Our research representative attended both New York International Auto Show in 2022 and 2023. He mentioned that the event in 2023 was more energetic and enthusiastic than in 2022. He felt that there were so many visitors even in 2022’s auto show. In fact, his friends tried to attend the last day of New York International Auto Show 2022 (not 2023), but they gave up attending. This was because it was so crowded due to the last day of the event. However, there were more attendees in 2023 and massive visitors led to good atmosphere in the event.

There were many families to enjoy riding cars in the auto show. Also, minimum price of exhibited cars in the auto show is around 30 thousand USD. On the other hand, the price of a budget type of new cars in Japan is around 7 thousand USD. Therefore, this difference implies that the economic condition in each country. Also, we might think that attendees in New York International Auto Show are relatively wealthy.

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