Turbulence years

According to the data, the UK automotive market has been experiencing turbulence years since 2020. For example, its production is getting worse. British factories built only 775,014 cars during 2022, this was the lowest annual figure since 1956. According to another data, there were only 20 million registered vehicles in the world in 1956. Therefore, the condition in the British automotive market in 2022 is totally different from that in 1956.

We can easily understand how the British automotive market is suffering in terms of its production. In addition, Vehicle production in the UK was decreased by 9.8% from 2021, and by 41% from 2019. However, the sale of new non-hybrid petrol and diesel-powered cars there will end in 2030 (as of March, 2023, this regulation will be changed). In this sense, automotive factories there will ultimately have to manufacture Electric Vehicles (EVs), if they continue operating. We have already reported that all Minis will be electric by 2030.

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