North America Auto Show

Our research representative attended both North American International Auto Show and New York International Auto Show in 2022. He found that there are many automotive manufacturers to attend both events. They are General Motors, Ford, Stellantis, Toyota, Subaru and others. Even though the same companies exhibit the same events, our research representative felt different impression.

American automotive manufacturers, which are Ford and General Motors, have used wider spaces to show their products in North American International Auto Show. On the other hand, Toyota and Subaru’s booth in North American International Auto Show was much smaller than in New York.

Therefore, even though a company sell its products in a country or the US, it has different sales strategy from region to region. Of course, Michigan that hosts North American International Auto Show is the hometown of US automotive in history. Therefore, it is natural that American car makers prioritize this area. It means that foreign competitors like Toyota and Subaru feel difficulty to compete in the area at the same time. What’s more, Hyundai and Nissan exhibited their latest products in New York International Auto Show. However, they did not do that in North American International Auto Show. We can learn the importance of locality from these differences.

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