Electric only

Our media reported some automotive manufacturers made a big decision to sell only electric vehicles within a decade. For example, BMW’s Mini will go all electric from 2030. Other examples are Bentley, Volvo Cars and Jaguar. Of course, these brands are high-end ones, but we cannot say that Electric Vehicles are for only the rich people.

In fact, £3,200 budget electric cars are available in China. In addition, many governments subsidize consumers who are intended to purchase electric vehicles. As a result, their final price can be comparable with gasoline or diesel engine vehicles.

What’s more, this trend has a huge impact on big automotive manufacturers. For instance, Ford, the American automotive giant, has accelerated its electrification in the US as well as Europe. Another example is that Japanese car makers, which are Toyota and Nissan, decided and released their sales target of electric vehicles in each region.

Of course, Toyota and Nissan do not decide to sell only electric vehicles, but they must take it into consideration. To accelerate electrification, they are facing several difficult problems. One of them is power generation mix.

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