Level 3

When you hear about “autonomous driving”, what will you think of it? In the past, the concept might be like a science fiction. In fact, some people thought that it would not be realized in the future. However, many companies including Honda, which a Japanese multinational automotive company, have tried to realize it. Before discussing the latest news of Honda, let us define autonomous driving first.

According to BMW, experts define autonomous driving as follows

  • Level 1: Driver Assistance, driver assistance systems support the driver, but do not take control.
  • Level 2: Partly Automated Driving, systems can also take control, but the driver remains responsible for operating the vehicle.
  • Level 3: Highly Automated Driving, in certain situations, the driver can disengage from the driving for extended periods of time.
  • Level 4: Fully Automated Driving, the vehicle drives independently most of the time. The driver must remain able to drive, but can, for example, take a nap.
  • Level 5: Full Automation, the vehicle assumes all driving functions, the people in the vehicle are only passengers.

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