Transformation Plan

In March, 2023, Group Antolin shared its Transformation Plan to realize profitable and sustainable growth. Grupo Antolin started its business as a mechanics garage for vehicle and agriculture machinery repairs in Burgos, Spain. Avelino Antolin Lopez founded it, and his sons Avelino and Jose have been running the company.

Grupo Antolin is a manufacturer in the car interiors market internationally and a worldwide supplier of headliner substrates. The Spanish company also develops, tests, and manufactures interior parts such as Overheads & Soft Trim, Doors & Hard Trim, Lighting and Cockpits & Consoles. As of March 2023, Group Antolin has more than 25 thousand employees across the globe, and 140 factories over 26 countries.

Three key objectives

In the Transformation Plan, there are three key objectives.

  1. Increasing the company’s profitability by achieving a double-digit EBITDA margin.
  2. Evolving the business portfolio with a greater footprint in markets with high growth potential
  3. Attracting the best talent to Antolin.

To realize these three objectives, the company also shared four initiatives in the following.

  1. Strengthening relationships with vehicle manufacturers through innovation and a customer-centric culture.
  2. Developing operational and industrial excellence.
  3. Fast-tracking technological development, innovation, and digitalization.
  4. Team talent and engagement coupled with management leadership

Human Resource

One of the important points here is that the Spanish company understands the importance of human resource (HR). That is why it included the issue related to HR in both an objective and an initiative. Once companies, especially for manufacturing companies considered HR their costs. It still may be true for some of those companies in the world. When companies think of HR as costs, they can easily reduce it while facing the difficult situations.

However, uncertainty in the world is getting higher and technological advancements keep going. Thus, even manufacturing companies should make use of their HR to add values to their customers. If manufacturing companies merely produce and deliver their products, it can be a risk. Also, new technologies become tools that they must make use of.

For example, Group Antolin shared its idea to use artificial intelligence or digital twins in the Plan. These technologies are not an objective but a tool to add company’s value to its clients. Who will make use of these new tools? Of course, they are company’s employees. That is why HR becomes more important even in manufacturing companies.


Another key word is transformation. There is no single consensus to define the meaning of transformation in business fields. One describes Business Transformation as “the process of fundamentally changing the systems, processes, people and technology across a whole business or business unit.”

In this definition, a key phrase is fundamentally changing. If management team of a company wants to change its company fundamentally, what will do it? Artificial Intelligence? No. Digital Twins? Of course, not. Its employees will do that.

Therefore, we can learn the importance of HR from Group Antolin’s Plan.