Cuts in Valencia

Ford Motor Company announced that it will cut around 1,100 jobs at its plant in Valencia, Spain. In fact, these cuts will be another cut in Europe. The company already announced that it would lay off 2,300 jobs largely in Germany and the UK. This is because the American automotive giant wants to be leaner, more competitive cost structure in Europe.

However, the situation in Ford’s Valencian factory is a little bit different. This is because Ford thinks of its Valencia plant as a preferred site to assemble next-generation electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe. In fact, the plant is Ford’s only such facility in Spain and employed 5,400 people now. Therefore, this announcement means that the company will cut about one-fifth of its employees in Spain.

Ford is persisting the idea that it will offer an all EV in Europe by 2030. Also, the production of its first European-built EV is due to start later this year. Therefore, the company said that this decision is mainly due to the already announced discontinuing production of the S-Max and Galaxy models in April 2023.

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