DHL Express collaborates with EVIATION

DHL Express announced that it will be the first company to order 12 fully electric Alice eCargo planes from EVIATION. The purpose of this purchase is to set up an unparalleled electric Express network. Furthermore, the German logistic giant wants to take further actions into a sustainable aviation future.

EVIATION’s Alice is the world’s leading fully electric aircraft. The product enables airlines including both cargo and passenger to operate a zero-emission fleet. DHL will obtain them from EVIATION in 2024.

Sustainability Roadmap

In the fight against climate change, Deutsche Post DHL Group is committed to ambitious CO2 reduction targets. It assumes that its emissions would be around 46 million tons in 2030 without the measures of the sustainability roadmap. In 2020, emissions were 33 million metric tons. Today, the company is committed to reducing these annual Group CO2 emissions to below 29 million tons by 2030. This interim goal is still ambitious because there is the strong growth in global logistics activities.

To achieve this, Deutsche Post DHL Group is continuing to drive forward the electrification of its vehicle fleet. For example, 60 percent of global delivery vehicles for the last mile are to be electrically powered by 2030. Thus, more than 80,000 e-vehicles will be on the road.

On longer routes, especially in air transport, electric drives are not an alternative for the foreseeable future. That is why Deutsche Post DHL Group is pushing for the development and use of fuels produced from renewable energies. For specific, at least 30 percent in aviation and line haul are to be covered by sustainable fuels by 2030.


EVIATION has clear its vision and mission.

  • VISION: Change the way people travel regionally through affordable, sustainable aviation.
  • MISSION: Build aircraft that create new market opportunities, challenging the limits of air travel in a scalable, sustainable, and economically viable way.

A Bird’s-eye view of business

Logistic companies must solve the contradicting situation, especially after the pandemic. One is positive, and it is the strong demand of ecommerce. The other is negative, and it is to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. When we bring something from one place to another, we need energy. When we produce energy, there are GHG emissions in many cases. Therefore, logistic companies must cope with the rapid increase of its demand while reducing GHG emissions.

To realize this, the companies need a bird’s-eye view of their business. This is because their initiatives might be partial optimization without it. In the case of electric aircrafts, we must think of its fuels and how to manufacture them. This is the similar case of Electric Vehicles. In other words, life-cycle assessment is also necessary for the aviation industry. Of course, many companies have already tried to realize it and Air France-KLM group is one example.

Thus, logistic companies including DHL will not be satisfied with introducing electric aircrafts. They must make use of them to solve the contradicting situation above. At the same time, even though each our action is very small, we also should consider what we can do.

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