The war of Electric Vehicle is soared up in 2020 and 2021

The biggest news in January 2020 will be a rumor between Apple and Hyundai. In fact, these companies possibly make a partnership to create autonomous electric vehicle in 2020s. In addition, the Chinese automotive giant, Geely and the Taiwanese technology giant, Foxconn, announced that both companies collaborate with each other. What’s more, each company tries to find another partner in the EV market. Geely found the Chinese search engine powerhouse, Baidu. On the other hand, Foxconn tries to help “Chinese version Tesla”, Byton to realize mass production of its first model, “M-Byte”.

In the end of 2020, there were already some cooperation among big names. The tie-up between SAIC motor and Alibaba group, or the partnership between BYD and Didi Chuxing are good examples. These four companies are all Chinese companies. Thus, it implies how big and important EV market in China is. Up to this story, partnerships between automakers and outsiders seem to attract attention. However, we focus on the other important point in Electric Vehicle: Customization.

Hyundai Motor will realize customization of EVs

One of characteristics of an electric vehicle is its fewer parts compared to a combustion engine car. To be specific, parts of a combustion engine car are almost 30,000. On the other hand, those of an electric vehicle are one-third, which means around 10,000. In addition, cooling devices and air exhaust systems are indispensable in a combustion engine automobile and their size is comparatively big.

Thanks to these difference, electric vehicles are able to be customized their design. It will be competitive advantage. This is because customer experience is crucial in “mobility” era. Thus, flexibility of EVs’ interior space and design is able to enhance customer experience. For example, customer experience of a traveler in a big city is totally different from that of a driver for a long journey. The former would be more convenience and easy to ride. On the contrary, comfort and stability are important.

Hyundai Motor tries to maximize this potential and will offer electric vehicles that are able to be customized by users. Hyunda invested in Arrival, which is the English startup for zero-emission mobility solutions. The South Korean automotive giant makes use of its business model. The Korean group also offers its standard platform for next generation EVs that increases cabin space.

Hyundai Motor is just one example in this trend. Therefore, we can expect more automobile companies propose new ideas related to customization in the near future.