CES 2023

Our research representative attended CES 2023, which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. There were several companies made him impressive. One of them is Bugatti. Why did he feel the company so impressive? This was because it offered not only its vehicle but also electric scooters. To be honest, the news that Bugatti offered its electric scooters is not new. In fact, the company has already presented the idea at CES 2022. Also, the company announced this news through its press release.

However, our research representative did not attend CES 2022 in-person. So, he could not have an opportunity to know this news. Therefore, he felt the importance of in-person events as well. Let’s get back to the topic. Our research correspondent thought Bugatti was an automotive company, so he had no idea that it offered electric scooters. This is partly true because it announced to offer e-scooters in 2022. The decision is relatively new, but interesting at the same time.

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