Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications

According to its press release,the BMW Group publishes SORDI, the largest open-source dataset for super-efficient AI applications in production. It is publishing the world’s largest data set to streamline and significantly accelerate the training of AI in production.

The synthesized AI dataset, known as SORDI (Synthetic Object Recognition Dataset for Industries), consists of more than 800,000 photorealistic images. These are divided into 80 categories of production resources, from pallets and pallet cages to forklifts. Also, they include objects of particular relevance to the core technologies of automotive engineering and logistics.

By publishing SORDI, the BMW Group is working together with its partners Microsoft, NVIDIA and idealworks. Thus, they try to make available the world’s largest reference dataset for AI in the field of manufacturing. The visual data is of particularly high quality, and the integrated digital labels enable basic image processing tasks to be carried out. They are classification, object detection or segmentation for relevant areas of production in general. The company stated in the following.

“The BMW Group has been using AI since 2019. AI has already been utilized in various quality assurance applications in production at the plants. SORDI, the new, synthetic dataset makes AI models much faster to train. Also, it makes AI considerably more cost-efficient in production.”

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