New York International Auto Show

Our research representative attended New York International Auto Show in April 2022. In the event, he was really impressive the fact that the show was creating culture, which was the necessity of automotive. He has visited many cities all over the world. They are New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong and others.

In the Asian cities, especially for Tokyo, he did not feel the necessity to drive a car. Wikipedia summarized the data, which comes from the Railway Statistics 2019 Report ( in the following.

Top 5 countries Passengers carried in rail transport per year (Unit: Million Passengers)

  1. Japan: 24,598.4
  2. India: 8,439
  3. China: 3,660
  4. Germany: 2,938
  5. France: 1,880

*All data are in 2019, before the pandemic

Therefore, we can easily find that Japan is different. Of course, China and India have more than 1 billion population, but the number in Japan is really impressive. Thus, when he went to Japan, he usually took a train instead of a taxi or a bus. Also, he asked local people and some of them are what is called a “Paper Driver”. Paper driver in Japanese means a person who has a driver license, but never driven.

Backing to New York International Auto Show, our research representative thought the US wants to create culture to buy automotive.

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