Edge Cloud 4 Production

According to its official site, Audi shared its way to realize factory automation. Factory automation is one of the key concepts in the manufacturing industry. This is because many advanced countries are facing the same problem, which is the future shortage of their workforce. Even in China, which is the most populous countries in the world, is experiencing the aged population and it will lead to the future shortage of its workforce.

In addition, it is very difficult to increase population, or sometimes it seems impossible. We can see the examples from South Korea and Japan. Both countries addressed the aged society more than decades ago, but the situation is not turned around. Therefore, many companies in the manufacturing sector must think how to keep their production. One of the possible solutions is factory automation and we can see Audi’s initiative: Edge Cloud 4 Production.

Centralized, not decentralized; local servers, not hundreds of industrial PCs; software, not hardware: with the local server solution Edge Cloud 4 Production, Audi is initiating a paradigm shift in automation technology.

After successful testing in the Audi Production Lab (P-Lab), three local servers will take over directing workers in the Böllinger Höfe. If the server infrastructure continues to operate reliably, Audi wants to roll out this automation technology – the only one of its kind in the world – for serial production throughout the entire Volkswagen Group. We also learn two important points from this initiative: start small and software.

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