Philips Japan decided to introduce eICU program

According to Philips Japan’s homepage (Japanese), it had decided to introduce eICU program. Philips’ corporate vision is to improve the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2025. To realize this vision, the company values the concept “”for healthier future” and tries to contribute to everyone’s health.

As a result, the Dutch healthcare giant has taken several initiatives. They cover with the areas including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, home care and healthcare process. This decision is one of the examples and has already had a good effect on hospitals. Thanks to eICU program, hospitals can minimize the number of doctors and nurses participating ICU (intensive care unit) treatments.

Who is Philips?

Koninklijke Philips N.V. is a Dutch multinational conglomerate corporation and it is commonly shortened to Philips. The company was founded in Eindhoven, and its head office has been mostly in Amsterdam, since 1997. Philips was formerly one of the largest electronics companies in the world. However, the Dutch company currently focused in the area of health technology and divested other divisions during the decades.

The numbers in Philips

Based on Philips’ homepage, we can see its incredible numbers

  • €1.9billion invested in R&D in 2019
  • 50% of R&D focuses in software/data science
  • 64,500 patent rights
  • #1 medtech company in Boston Consulting Group’s 2020 “Top 50 most innovative companies”
  • Derwent Top 100 Global Innovator ™ for seven consecutive years

What is eICU program?

eICU program focuses in three themes such as People, Technology and Process. The program is the solution to decrease risk of infection, offer safety and secure and contribute ICUs. eICU program helps doctors and nurses in ICUs from its support center. In addition, it shares feedbacks and risks to improve the quality of operations and treatments.

There are various problems relating to ICU. Increase of patients with serious diseases and decrease of the number of doctors and nurses are examples. We can expect eICU to improve the quality of healthcare system.

Rooms to improve clinical environment

After the pandemic, most people across the globe feel that our safety and secure are important. At the same time, we should respect healthcare workers because they are essential workers to keep our society.

They worked really hard in hospitals and other places in 2020. We did not know how to deal with the situations, especially in the beginning of 2020. Even though this hard time, they devoted themselves to help us. It is really respectful moments. In fact, many people in different countries showed their respect and gratitude to them by clapping every night.

However, we have to find solutions or ideas to improve their environment. This is because nobody knows when next pandemic will occur in the future. Therefore, Philips’ eICU program can be one option to transform clinical environment more sustainable. We can see Huawei’s initiative to realize remote surgery, so it can be another option.

The key point here is how to help each other remotely. Thanks to technological advancements such as 5G (6G in the future?), we can come up with new solutions. Thus, eICU program is just the starting point for the improvement, but we need lots of initiatives like Philips does. This is because we have status-quo bias, and do not want to change ourselves a lot. Good examples can change our perception and perspective.

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