Huawei and other companies try to realize remote surgery

We can see world first remote operation using 5G technology in the following way.

Huawei and China Unicom Fujian Branch, Fujian Medical University Mengchao Hepatobiliary Hospital, Suzhou Kangduo Robot Co., Ltd. implemented the world’s first 5G surgery animal experiment in Fujian China Unicom Southeast Research Institute.

The operation end of the operation was placed in the China Southeast Research Institute. The operation signal was transmitted in real time through 5G technology to perform remote hepatic lobectomy for the experimental animals of Mengchao Hepatobiliary Hospital 50 km away. The entire procedure takes about 60 minutes and the operation delay is extremely low. The surgical wounds were neat. In addition, there was no trace of blood in the whole process. The vital signs of the experimental animals were stable after surgery.

5G technology enables us to operate remote surgery

This operation uses Huawei’s 5G network technology’s large bandwidth, low latency, large connection technology advantages. It has achieved this goal. The control link at both ends of the remote control robot and the two video links are all carried under the 5G network. “Based on the 5G network control experience, high-definition video, has reached the same experience of fiber-optic line.” The surgeon gave a high evaluation.

With the continuous maturity of 5G medical association applications, we can expect remote care, remote diagnosis, and remote surgery. As a result, they effectively improving the quality of life of sick people.

Who is China Unicom?

Based on Nikkei Asia, we can see the company profile of China Unicom as follows.

China Unicom (Hong Kong) is one of China’s top three telecommunications companies. Its parent company is state-owned China United Network Communications Group. It was established in 1994 and the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission supervises the company. China Unicom took over core assets of its parent company and listed on the stock market.

China Unicom entered the mobile phone business in 2002. In 2009, it became the first company in China to introduce 3G (third-generation) mobile services. As a result, the Chinese telecom giant has put on efforts to spread the service.

Of China’s total 1.3 billion mobile phone users, a little more than 20% subscribe to China Unicom’s service. As a result, it is the second-largest market share after China Mobile. China Unicom has also become a major player in the global telecommunications market. In fact, the company aims to expand its business in other Asian countries and in Africa.

Who is Suzhou Linkhou Robot Co., Ltd.?

According to #HowToRobot, there is brief description of Suzhou Linkhou Robot Co., Ltd. in the following way.

Suzhou Linkhou Robot Co.,Ltd. is primarily focusing on manufacturing machinery, equipment, and components for general industrial use.

5G technology will be able to change various industries

The announcement of Huawei, China Unicom and other players will be the inauguration of 5G era. In fact, many experts predict that 5G technology will change our life in various ways. Thus, remote surgery can be a good example of this.

First of all, remote surgery possibly becomes a game changer in the healthcare sector. This is because the new technology makes the surgeries more accessible and more convenient for us. In 2020, people across the globe have faces the same challenge, which is the pandemic. As a result, essential workers in hospitals and other healthcare institutions are struggling to take care of patients by keeping social distance and reducing physical contacts. In this sense, remote surgery is getting more important all over the world.

Of course, there is technical challenges in remote surgery. For example, how do we connect one place to another? Therefore, large bandwidth, low latency and large connection technology advantages are necessary to implement remote surgery and we need more data and experiments to realize it for human beings. Even though it will take time, we can see the path to achieve our ambitious goal.

We can see the other example of 5G based technology in the other sector. Therefore, the day when more people enjoy 5G based solutions is coming soon.