NTT Docomo

NTT Docomo has developed a new service that may detect high blood pressure. This service will be available for regional communities in Japan.

NTT Docomo, Inc. is a Japanese mobile phone operator. The name is officially an abbreviation of the phrase, “do communications over the mobile network”. Also, the name is from a compound word dokomo, meaning “everywhere” in Japanese. Docomo provides a wide range of telecommunication services like wireless networks, satellite telecommunications, and mobile devices.

However, its main consumers (we do want to say that they are not a company) are Japanese. Of course, most of countries have national telecommunication companies, and residents there are main consumers of them. Like, Verizon and AT&T acquire American consumers in the US. Vodafone does the same in the UK.

However, as we know, population in most of developed countries is decreasing, and Japan is without exception. In fact, the population in Japan has decreased since 2008. In addition, the number seems never to increase anymore due to low birth rate and strict immigration policy there.

It means that future and present consumers in Japan is decreasing, and it does in fact. Therefore, NTT Docomo has to find other businesses to make it grow in the future. That is why the Japanese company decides to increase the ratio of non-telecommunication businesses such as Fintech, healthcare, streaming and others.

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