Sifted is the new-media site for Europe’s innovators and entrepreneurs. It executed its interview about mental health of its readers. Then, the company reported its result and analysis.

87% of startup employees said that working at a startup had negatively impacted their mental health at some point. The Sifted survey of 133 readers from across Europe found this data. Less than half felt like they were given the right support and 84% experienced burnout. On the other hand, 58% of respondents said they felt comfortable talking to their boss about mental health concerns.

Startup employees say the pressure of building a fast-growing company. In addition, a lack of management experience can quickly create an unhealthy environment.

Our media also interviewed several employees across the globe. Then, we can see the similar trend among big companies. It means that not only startups but also big companies are facing employees’ mental concerns. We think this issue should be addressed because companies must think how to maximize their human capital.

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