Treatment of diabetes

Nowadays, the treatment of diabetes has been changing. As we see later, Diabetes is one of most common diseases in the world and affects our health a lot. Therefore, human beings have long history to develop diabetes’ treatment. Of course, the discovery of Insulin is one of the biggest achievements in our history in terms of its treatment. In fact, Sir Frederick G Banting, Charles H Best and JJR Macleod at the University of Toronto discovered it.

However, there is still no perfect solution against diabetes. For example, diabetes’ patients need blood sampling frequently. What’s more, even insulin has its side effects and one of them is low blood sugar. Low blood sugar causes other problems like disorders of consciousness, and sometime lead to death.

Therefore, it is necessary for diabetes’ patients to monitor their blood level continuously. However, we do not want to take our blood many times simply because it causes some pain. Many companies in the world have developed wearable device that can monitor blood sugar level. What’s more, SAPs can connect the data of patients’ blood sugar level with insulin pumping. As a result, they can reduce the frequency to take their blood or pump insulin.

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