Repetitive work

It has been more than two years since the pandemic started. Of course, many people in the world have passed away and do not enjoy normal life yet. However, one of the most surprising accomplishments was the development of vaccines. Even though they cannot prevent the spread of the virus, we have already understood their effectiveness.

How did we develop vaccines against the virus less than a year? Tons of data have contributed to this development. Thus, big data and how to use them are the most important issue to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Also, there are both positive and negative sides to make use of big data and AI.

However, big data and AI cannot solve problems around us and develop every medicine that we need. In other words, there should be human works to proceed with our research and development. The problem here is that some or many of them are repetitive works. As a result, they do harm for researchers’ mental and physical condition and less motivate talented people to be a researcher.

In this sense, fully automated laboratory can be a possible solution and we can see an example of Emerald Cloud Lab.

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