Big Five Tech companies

The big five tech companies are:

  • Google (its parent company is Alphabet)
  • Apple
  • Facebook (now it is renamed as Meta)
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft

The total value of these tech giants is over $5 trillion in terms of market capitalization. Like with “Big Oil” and “Big Pharma”, these companies shape today’s society in more areas than just technology.

The acronym, coined by Goldman Sachs, includes these companies for two reasons. First of all, the big five tech companies make up as much as 13% of the value of the whole S&P500 by market capitalization. Second, those are the leading companies bring sociocultural evolution at a big scale and drive social change at full speed.

As it usually goes with all businesses around the free-market world, big corps have two options. They grow or perish. The way to growth is “Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)”. Since the day they were founded, the big five tech companies have acquired numerous companies and made them subsidiaries.

In addition to expansion by M&A, several researches reported that big tech companies have increased healthcare’s patents recently. They think the healthcare market can be a next driver for their growth. Let us see this trend in more detail in this article.

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