MicroTeam completed new round

According to 36kr (in Chinese), MicroTeam closed series A round.

AI ​​smart football shoe manufacturer, MicroTeam, completed tens of millions of yuan in A1 round of financing. In fact, three institutions in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen jointly invested in the Chinese startup. It will use this round of financing to optimize supply chain, and to increase research and development of related algorithms.

MicroTeam is committed to building a cloud and AI-based digital football base. It has previously communicated and cooperated with many professional youth training institutions including Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Arsenal, and AC Milan. Furthermore, the company has cooperated with EAsports European Headquarters, the Football Association, the French Football League, the Korean Football Association, and the Canadian Football Association Youth Department. They discussed the needs of smart games, smart youth training, remote AI teaching, etc.

Who is MicroTeam?

According to its homepage, MicroTeam is a fast-growing mobile Internet and intelligent hardware company. The company has owned proprietary intellectual property rights. In addition, it already got two rounds of financing from several venture capital firms in Shanghai, Beijing and etc.

The headquarters of MicroTeam is in the Science and Tech Park in Nanshan district of Shenzhen. Also, the company has some branches in different cities which devoted to the chip, algorithm and boots manufacturer. Its core team has collected many football-loving professionals from prominent ICT companies such as Huawei, Tencent, DJI, and NIKE, etc. In fact, the first AI football boots was launched at Wembley Stadium in London by MicroTeam in 2019.

How AI based shoes work?

MicroTeam believes that football shoes can connect people to the ball. In other words, they are the key to accurate human ball data theoretically. AI smart football shoes make use of technologies such as human ball perception, flexible circuits, and AI algorithms. Thus, they can effectively play a role in diversified scenarios such as competitions, youth training, remote training, and somatosensory training.

What’s more, AI smart football shoes can obtain hundreds of other data, including touch, running, dribbling, coordination and hot spots. Players or coaches can choose the data they pay attention to, and improve and line up in a targeted manner. Also, they can share these data on social media to enhance the fun of sports.

Machine Learning also works

The MicroTeam’s AI smart football shoes obtain data through the human ball perception and acceleration gyroscope module. In addition, the time series model recognizes the movement posture.

The acquired athlete data reflects very strong time characteristics and supports the memory mechanism of the network. The product makes use of many advanced deep learning models such as RNN and LSTM. However, data transmission failures and repeated reconnections caused by network instability may result in a significant decrease in user experience.

Thanks to the development of edge computing, the computing power at the chip level is greatly improved, too. Furthermore, based on the flexible circuit, MicroTeam enjoys a stable edge computing chip in the sneaker to obtain accurate data in real time.

When it comes to gesture recognition, machine learning can reduce the computing power and space requirements of the underlying chip. It only needs to obtain parameters of the relevant magnitude of the algorithm through training. This is because it directly refer to the underlying database of the program.

Connectivity is base of data and AI

As we see the other article about connectivity, it is an important concept in 21st century. Why? This is because data and AI will not work without connectivity.

Nowadays, we have heard the word, “AI”, many times. However, AI itself will not work without enough data. Then, we can come up with a next question: How do we gather data that might create new value? Connectivity is a key to gather data in this case. When it comes to MicroTeam, its shoes are interface to connect between balls and players. As a result, the company can gather valuable data to create new values.

Therefore, we can conclude that connectivity is base of data and AI.

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