Toyota takes further actions for carbon neutrality

According to its press conference about how to achieve carbon neutrality, Toyota Corporation revealed its new plan. The Japanese automotive giant will invest 1.5 trillion JPY (approximately 13.65 billion USD) in battery production until 2030. The company does not disclose the plan to establish new battery factories. However, it will invest in major regions including China and the US. The Japanese company must take further actions to realize carbon neutrality.

Furthermore, Toyota Corporation already announced its new plan about electrified vehicles. It is planning to sell 8 million electrified vehicles including hybrid vehicles (HV) by 2030. In addition, 2 million vehicles will be electric vehicles (EV) or fuel cell vehicles (FCV). In other aspect, 40% sales in Europe, 15% sales in North America and 10% sales in Japan will be EV or FCV.

Who is Toyota?

Toyota Corporation is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer, and it was founded in 1937. Its head office is in Toyota city, Aichi prefecture, Japan. Toyota is the most valuable Japanese company as of February 28th, 2021. It sold 9.52 million vehicles in 2020, and 10.74 million in 2019, respectively. The number in 2020 was the highest among automotive manufactures so that its presence is second to none.

Not New

As we see the other article, the fact that automotive manufacturers produce their batteries is not new. For example, in Volkswagen’s “Power Day”, it revealed its plan to build six gigafactories in Europe alone by 2030. Another example is that Volvo Cars will produce its own batteries with Northvolt, Swedish battery company .

Therefore, we can say that Toyota Corporation just follow the trend. In other words, the Japanese automotive giant is forced to produce its own batteries to compete with its rivals in the world. Thus, what will be key take away in this press conference?

Key Take Away

When we hear about Toyota Corporation, what will be in your mind? Japanese company? Prius? High Quality? Of course, all of them are correct. In fact, the Japanese automotive giant has long history to verify its excellence in automotive. Therefore, from this press conference, it shows that it can secure money, material, HR, equipment and technology to produce electrified vehicles. In other words, the company can realize its plan.

On the other hand, in many Motor Shows across the globe, we can see lots of concept cars. They look really nice and cool, but we still do not know when they are available in the future. This is because they are still concept. Of course, automotive companies are taking actions and investing in huge money to realize them. However, they do not guarantee the fact that they will make it happen.

In this sense, Toyota’s announcement looks more serious. Probably, its partners and suppliers can decide to invest in electrified vehicles to work with it together. This trustworthiness is the most important key take away in the conference.