Announcement from Envision Group

Envision Group, a world-leading green tech company, announced that it will work together Acciona Group. Also, this new collaboration will make Spain ready to go all-electric.

Envision has been in negotiations with the Government of Spain for a couple of months. Also, the company is grateful for the support they and the Junta de Extremadura have given to this project. Thus, they will work to position Spain as a European leader in zero emission manufacturing of batteries for electric vehicles.

The VENERGY+ project aims for the development and manufacture of batteries from a zero-emissions plant, integrated into different electrical platforms. They include a removable battery system and adapted for other innovative mobility models. They will be vans and heavy trucks and a new electric vehicle for last mile deliveries. Also, three modular and innovative electric vehicles and a light two-wheel electric vehicle are the scope.

The VENERGY+ project has been submitted to the EV value chain program of PERTE VEC (Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation for the Electric and Connected Vehicle). The consortium includes 12 businesses across 10 autonomous communities of Spain, mobilizing Euro 1,000 million investment. Envision investment in the PERTE is EUR 900 million for the construction of a high-tech battery plant. The project will create 3,000 new high value green jobs when operational in 2025.

Gigafactory in Spain

Envision AESC’s planned state-of-the-art Gigafactory in Navalmoral de la Mata. It will supply high performance battery cells, modules and packs with extended range and increased density. The facility will be powered by 100pc green energy with local sourcing.

If successful, the PERTE VEC will contribute to the financing of Envision AESC’s Gigafactory. It will include the latest battery cell technology and offer optimal energy density, with improved range, durability and efficiency.

Growth in demand could bring increased investment and up to 30GWh capacity in the Gigafactory by 2030. This commitment is part of an enduring strategic partnership with the Spanish government to produce next generation EVs. Also, it supports the localization of vehicle parts and components supply with advanced technology. It will put Spain at the heart of a new EV hub in Europe, encouraging collaboration on R&D around the whole battery lifecycle, from storage, to repurposing, with smart charging and closed loop recycling. 

Collaboration with East Asian companies

Envision is increasing its presence as a battery manufacturer in Europe. In fact, our media has already reported that Nissan, a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer, works together with the company in the UK. Therefore, when it comes to battery production, we must pay attention to the Chinese company.

At the same time, East Asian companies have strong capabilities and expertise to manufacture batteries. As a result, western companies try to work with them to produce batteries for their EVs. For example, General Motors, which is the American automotive giants, is working with LG Chem to produce their batteries. Another example is that Ford, the other American automotive giant, tries to produce their batteries with SK innovation.

Therefore, suppliers for batteries or EVs should pay attention to these companies. In other words, they must try to gain insights from a global perspective.