Megatrend in 2021

Our media thinks that one of megatrends in the battery market is battery production by automotive manufacturers. For example, General Motors, American automotive giants, is working with LG Chem to produce their batteries. Another example is that Ford, the other American automotive giant, tries to produce their batteries with SK innovation. Toyota, their Japanese rival, made a decision to invest 1.5tn yen (about $13.5bn) in its battery production.

Furthermore, solid-state battery is also hot topic in the market. This is because lithium-ion battery, which is major battery in Electric Vehicles (EVs), has some problems. One of them is that lithium-ion battery is flammable. In fact, General Motors recalled LG Chem due to a risk of fire from the pouch-type lithium-ion battery cells. Automotive is strongly related to our safety, so it is one of the most important issues around us.

As a result, Toyota and Nissan, which are Japanese automotive giant, put much effort into the development of solid-state batteries. Even though it might be available in the middle of the decade, it could be a key technology.

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